Anti-Aging Seecret C750
Veikals: EL DORADO
Zīmols: Anti-Aging Seecret C750
Cena: 10956.11 €
Apraksts: HAPRO Apraksts: The appearance already stimulates the senses. The Seecret® C750 is a refreshing, young design with appeal. As a vertical device, it is suitable for restricted space conditions; the light shower creates new spatial dimensions. Easy to access with its wide-opening swing doors, inside you will find a sense of well-being in the form of rejuvenating light. If you wish, there is also with an enjoyable fragrance and relaxing background music. You can listen to your own music via the MP3 connection. Vibra plate (vibration plate) and an integrated changing room as a standalone version optionally give the rejuvenating treatment a wholly intimate, personal character.

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