Anti-Aging Seecret C300
Veikals: EL DORADO
Zīmols: HAPRO
Cena: 8252.66 €
Apraksts: The Seecret® C300 is particularly suited for those new to the anti-aging market: All you need is the Seecret® C300 as the new wellness variant. No additional investment for high-voltage current or discharged air. The Seecret® C300 has it all. Red collagen light from head to toe and focussed skin vitalisation in treatment-intensive body areas, such as the face, neck and hands with accent light. Seecret® comfort has precisely what is needed. The intelligent, quiet-running ventilation ensures a relaxed Seecret® experience. The quiet-running intelligent ventilation also ensures a relaxed Seecret® experience, such as the option to connect your own MP3 player via the integrated SoundBox for the perfect sound experience. Connoisseurs will recognise the potential that the Seecret® C300 holds for the anti-aging market.

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